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A deadly second wave of COVID-19 has hit India, killing thousands of people each day. Punascha is working with not for profit organizations in India , to provide much needed Oxygen and other medical help to the affected.

Progress Report May 14, 2021

With Punascha's funding, Back2School NGO has procured 6 Oxygen cylinders. They have set up a hot line where locals are contacting with Oxygen requests. Back2School procured cylinders are being used by patients.


Back2School is also working with the local branch of Rotary Club to set up a 'Safe Home' for patients to come and get Oxygen and medications. Punascha is working with Mukti, a Kolkata based NGO, to get a Oxygen Concentrator for Back2School. The Concentrator will be used in the Safe Home.

Punascha is also planning to fund other projects such as
a) Medicines for Covid patients
b) Video consultation by doctors 
c) Additional oxygen cylinders and concentrators

Our Partners


Your Donation is helping NGOs provide O2 and medical supplies to the needy and provide free food to those affected by the Lockdown

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